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Our Services

General Services

  • Certificate of Compliance

  • Wiring and rewiring of properties

  • Maintenance of electrical solutions

  • Installations of electrical components (Geysers, Stoves ect.)

  • Distribution boards optimisation & rectifications

  • New prepaid meters (Main property or sub letting)

  • Supply cables installation and connection

  • Starter motors (Star-delta to Variable Speed Drives)

  • Lighting Solutions (Interior and Exterior)

  • Increasing outlet sockets (Plugs)

  • Electric Fencing & gate motors

  • Electric pumps (Single Phase, Three Phase and DC)

  • Submersible pump installations

  • Commissioning of pivot points

Electricity Plugs

Alternative Power Solutions

  • Solar power solutions

  • Back-up battery systems

  • Automatic generator changeover systems

  • Power saving timers

  • L.E.D energy saver lighting solutions

  • Single phase, three phase or DC Circuits

  • Step-up / Step-down power convertors

Specialised Services

  • Trace and locating earth faults

  • Identify  and correcting faulty phases

  • Conducting electrical safety audits

  • Property inspections & fault reporting for existing and new property owners

  • Identifying potential future electrical hazards

  • Dedicated circuit installation (Servers, computers)

  • Advice on low supply voltage to motors

  • Assisting with electricity supply faults

Electrical Work
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